March 02, 2022



Has been so cold! But I can stay warm next to the chimney just by looking and listening the fire. So I thought about blending the sound of the log with my voice and a repetitive tune as a relaxing activity and to experiment with the fire sound.

We have had two cold fronts with snow and sleet, so as part of my therapy I began to record the sounds of the fire in my fireplace, then I was singing in the bathroom. yes, typical clichΓ© but it is true, the bathroom has good acoustics and there is less noise, then this happened.

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February 17, 2022



Hello everyone!
Today I want to share something new because as always…trying new things, 2 years ago I started singing more as therapy than anything else thanks to the pandemic lockdown, now I focus more on the sound of the voice, silence and nature because it relaxes me, so sporadically I will be uploading videos collecting natural sounds and with a bit of singing. Everything is experimental but so healing for me and maybe for you. I opened a channel and account exclusively to collect them. I invite you to watch and follow EXPLORATION OF SOUND and via instagram too @valeria_explorationofsound 🐦

Winter usually gives me SAD~ (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
And during that time I try to find comfort and be in touch with myself to try to maintain a balance, sometimes it's difficult but I love it when I find methods, practices or therapies through experimentation, and always related to nature or creativity. , because for me this is the best way to heal.

Since COVID began, she began to sing for me and I loved it, in this way it helped me release stress, but I am not a professional singer, I only let my inner child sing.
Then I discovered how important the sound of our own voice is and how powerful it is for us.
Yes! Your voice is powerful to you and you can find calm by listening to your voice humming a little or just whispering to yourself and listening.

Or at least found that this has worked for me.
I don't like to sing in public as a soloist, I'm super shy for this and I don't see myself as a singer but as a person who likes to play because I play with my voice and I enjoy my voice. , our voices are amazing instruments to play and maybe some are born with this ability or maybe we just need to educate our voice.
But I don't think too much about this topic, I just let myself flow, sing and enjoy.

There are many ways to sing, but what resonates with me is just making sounds, no logical words, not even a language, it just sounds through the voice.

And since I am not a musician but I find beautiful sounds of nature, I decided to record nature and make it my music.

Has silence heard? Silence also has a sound and I love it.
I hope that with my videos you can find something special through sound export.

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February 07, 2022



πŸ½πŸŽ¨πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🎨Ok, here I go again and this time with a little pig, since last year I bought small 8x10” canvases so I plan to finish them all! If you would like me to paint your pet in my colorful style, you can contact me to place your order. This piece is available on my Etsy and the video about how I’ve painted this pig is up! Visitor my YT channel πŸ½πŸŽ¨πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🎨..


πŸ… 🎨 Here is my tiger little by little taking shape, it is my first oil painting of 2022 and I chose it precisely to celebrate the new year because for those who do not know, this is the year of the tiger. Tigers are not one of my favorite animals, however I appreciate the beauty and strength they have in addition to the great symbolic load, because once they appear in our lives it is to give us a message, or at least that is how I like to see it. May this year be full of strength, beauty and self-confidence. 🎨 πŸ… .


 I had a fantastic time exploring with colors, this painting is available on my Etsy.


February 02, 2022



Hi all! Here I go with my first post of the year and the truth is, I did not expect it to be what I share with you, but this is how my life goes. I will not go into details but I am working on my solar plexus (my fire) and curiously, inadvertently it has been connected to my first job of the year: IMBOLC. I wanted to make an illustration to commemorate Imbolc, the Celtic celebration. At the beginning was a very different portrait till all ended after I designed this illustration inspired by the key elements: the snake, the snowdrop flower, the fire, and the swans. During Imbolc the beginning of pregnancy, fertility and fire are celebrated. "The festival is a festival of light, reflecting the increasingly long days and the hope of spring."

So I started a design and all started like this...

Imbolc πŸ”₯
Was fun to paint with watercolor a self portrait for Imbolc. It’s funny all the behind this piece but also very long to explain, long story short: it’s all about the inner fire and the rebirth, the power of the new and the end of the old. But this watercolor came with a very hard test for me just at the beginning of the year. I wish for my flame to burn and shine for ever. πŸ”₯ Magic cool thing: it was painted with water from the first snow of the year, just perfect for Imbolc. ❄️

Watch me paint Imbolc here

January 07, 2022



The digital sketch

I painted my fifth mural! ...
On the night of 12/30, while I was resting in bed, I received a message on my cell phone asking me if I wanted to paint a small mural in which I had to design a “Mexican heart”. They didn't have to ask me twice because in less than two hours I was ready to trace the design on the wall of a restaurant. By 12/31 the mural was already finished after 7 hours of work, that's how the heart that I designed and painted for El Cocinero TexMex Grill looks, thanks to Gina for helping me and for making me part of this cool crazy project in a little piece of the place, I loved ending the year like this, making art!


This painting was inspired during my trip to Puerto Vallarta where I found a newborn butterfly getting ready for the first flight, I took her with me and leave her on hibiscus flowers just to give her time to spread her wings and take energy enough to fly.

After a while the butterfly flew towards the sea.
This painting represents the new beginning, the power that we have to embrace life and spread our wings and follow our way even if we can’t know for sure the road or what is ahead of us, that’s why the being has the eyes covered, as a representation of the faith within us.

You can buy this piece HERE



Ok, these picture were taken during July when I started this new sketch. It was inspired during my summer trip to Puerto Vallarta, but this canvas has been waiting for me all this time, honestly I don’t know why I have not worked with it, maybe the colors feels very cold and I just have been longing for warmth. This is more like summer painting but also I remember pastel skies during winter, beautiful pinks and lilacs shining with the sunsets or dawns. I think is time to focus again and paint through feelings from warm to cold and cold to warm, like if I were knitting a blanket with two different yarns. πŸ¦‹ 🧢 🎨.

Behind the scenes and behind the brushes. 🎨.

I can't believe I'm still on this piece! It had never taken me so long to finish a painting, if it was not for lack of desire it was for lack of inspiration, or lack of time. My purpose is to finish it this month because I want to start 2022 with new projects, I love this painting and with everything that is added now because it contains more meaning, I am still with the background layers but I am painting in disorder, sometimes by colors, by space or by dimensions. I'm excited to know that I'm getting closer to seeing it finished. πŸ˜€πŸŽ¨πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🎨.